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Spirit shirts are for sale $8 each. These shirts may be worn on Fridays. 


Change in Uniform Policy!

Learn more here

      Now allowing black bottoms (shorts, pants, or skirts). Students are no longer required to wear shirts with the APA logo.


Folder Home-School Connection Newsletter (15 Files)
pdf file Newsletter 09.07.17
pdf file Newsletter 09.14.17
pdf file Newsletter 09.21.17
pdf file Newsletter 09.28.17
pdf file Newsletter 10.05.17
pdf file Newsletter 10.12.17
pdf file Newsletter 10.19.17
pdf file Newsletter 10.26.17
pdf file Newsletter 11.02.17
pdf file Newsletter 11.09.17
pdf file Newsletter 11.16.17
pdf file Newsletter 12.07.17
pdf file Newsletter 12.21.17
pdf file Newsletter 02.20.18
pdf file Newsletter 04.05.18
Folder School Calendar (1 Files)
doc file 2017-18 School Calendar
Folder Student / Parent Handbook (1 Files)
doc file Student/Parent Handbook
Folder School Supply Lists (3 Files)
doc file School Supply List 2017-18 1st - 2nd Grades
doc file School Supply List 2017-18 3rd - 8th Grade
doc file School Supply List 2017-8 Pre-K3 - Kinder
Folder School Uniform (1 Files)
doc file Flyer for Uniform
Folder Menu (2 Files)
doc file Kinder - 8th Menu 2017-18
doc file Pre-K 3 & Pre-K 4 Menu 2017-18
Folder Pick up and drop off route (2 Files)
jpg file Image- Pick up and drop off map
doc file Map- Pick up and drop off
Folder First Day of School - Tuesday, September 5 (1 Files)
pdf file First Day of School Map
Folder First week take home packet - Forms and information (15 Files)
doc file Cover Letter - school forms
doc file Parent Checklist of Forms
doc file Communicating with APA
doc file Student-Parent contract of Excellence
doc file Room Parent Sign up Form
doc file Student Method of Transportation
doc file Meal Charge Policy 2017-18
doc file Cover Letter for Meal Application 2017-18
doc file Directions for Meal Application 2017-18
doc file 2016-2017 Menu
doc file Home Language Survey
doc file Health Form
pdf file Vaccine Requirements 2017-2018
doc file Military and Foster Care Survey
doc file Volunteer Application
Folder Enrollment (1 Files)
doc file Enrollment Form
Folder Health (3 Files)
pdf file Health 1
pdf file Health 2 and 3
pdf file Vacines Requirements
Folder PTO (9 Files)
pdf file Boxtop Product List
pdf file Sept. PTO Newsletter
pdf file Oct. PTO Newsletter
pdf file Nov. PTO Newsletter
pdf file Dec. PTO Newsletter
png file Jan PTO Newsletter
pdf file Feb. PTO Newsletter
pdf file March PTO Newsletter
pdf file April PTO newsletter
Folder Discrimination and Complaints (1 Files)
pdf file Discrimination
Folder 2015-2016 (8 Files)
pdf file Handbook Student/Parent
doc file Meal Application English
pdf file Meal Application English
doc file Meal Application Spanish
pdf file Meal Application Spanish
pdf file Menu
doc file Student-Parent Contract
pdf file Student-Parent Contract