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Ways to communicate with APA


1.      School website offers information and forms you may want or need as a parent. apagalv.org


2.      Parent Portal:

a.       The Parent Portal is available for students in 1st – 8th grades.

b.      Access can be obtained by visiting Ms. Barker in the school office to show identification for security purposes. Parents are then assigned username and password.

c.       The following information will be available on the parent portal:

                                                              i.      Student’s schedule

                                                            ii.      Student attendance record

                                                          iii.      Student assignments

                                                          iv.      Student grades

                                                            v.      Teacher comments

3.      The Facebook page

Like us at https://www.facebook.com/ambassadorspreparatoryacademy/ to receive up to date information and events reminders.


4.      Teacher conference period

Each teacher has a scheduled conference period Monday through Thursday. Visit apagalv.org to obtain the teacher’s schedule at the teacher web pages.


5.      Teacher email

Each teacher has am APA email address which is checked on a daily basis. Visit apagalv.org to obtain the teacher’s contact information.


6.      Teacher web page

?     Access the school’s website at apagalv.org

?     On top of the page click STAFF WEBPAGES

?     Find and click the teacher’s name


7.      Periodic reports available online or on paper if you request with the teacher

?     “The Home-School Connection” newsletter

?     “Peek of Week” information from classroom teacher

?       Parent Newsletter – monthly available



Dr. Pat Williams
Superintendent/Principal pawilliams@apagalv.org Email Dr. Pat Williams
Yolanda Barker
PEIMS Coordinator ydbarker@apagalv.org Email Yolanda Barker
Irene Dillon
Administrative Asst. idillon@apagalv.org Email Irene Dillon
Courtney Andreason
Cafeteria Manager candreason@apagalv.org Email Courtney Andreason
Rhante Lubrico
Asst. Principal rlubrico@apagalv.org Email Rhante Lubrico
Ma Luz Lubrico
Nurse mlubrico@apagalv.org Email Ma Lubrico
Chelsea Simmons
Receptionist csimmons@apagalv.org Email Chelsea  Simmons
Destin Simmons
Business Manager dsimmons@apagalv.org Email Destin Simmons