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APA is an open enrollment public charter school approved by the Texas Education Agency in 2007.  The mission of our school is to provide a safe hands-on learner centered environment that cultivates excellence, offers challenges, and embraces lifelong learning for all students.

Parents and students are attracted to APA because the school is treated like a sacred place that has a culture which communicates high expectations for student success. Foremost, given appropriate educational opportunities, all children, regardless of background, can achieve high academic standards.

APA uses a variety of approaches to create a culture supporting school-wide achievement positive behavior programs stressing social skills, emotional learning, conflict resolution, cultural understanding and individualized attention. Our uniform dress code is also required as a way to create a positive, productive learning environment.

Administrators and teachers feel responsible for student learning. Teachers receive a substantial degree of curricular and instructional freedom in exchange for high expectations regarding effective classroom practice and student performance. Teaching and learning are focused on real-life situations, as far as possible, so our students understand the relevance of information to their everyday lives. Teaching and learning throughout the school includes mental, practical, written, and computer-based elements which encourage our students to become problem solvers and to develop inquiring minds. All lessons are differentiated to meet the needs of each student and a variety of activities are chosen to reinforce concepts and 21st Century skills (communication, innovation, collaboration, and presentation).

APA enriches the curriculum to build students’ background knowledge through field trips and extracurricular activities. Our students’ travel includes educational opportunities in Galveston, Texas, the United States, and abroad. An extended day makes it possible for APA to offer extracurricular classes which include: Spanish, robotics, piano, choir, chess, basketball, volleyball, dance, cheerleading, technology, Boy Scouts, and Girl Scouts. Tennis, yoga, and golf are required through daily physical education classes.

APA has a commitment to parent involvement. A parent liaison is employed by the school to bridge the relationship between home and school to increase students’ social, emotional and academic success. Two major programs coordinated through parent involvement include: “I Care” Character Building Program and Incredible Years sponsored by Galveston Sustainable  Communities Alliance and Family Service Center of Galveston. Parents offer strong support for their children’s academic achievement through actions such as assisting with homework, checking on progress, assisting the school, communicating regularly with teachers, and supporting extra-curricular activities. Regular parenting classes are also offered through our unique parenting program.

Significant community connections have been major factors contributing to the on-going success of APA. First and foremost, we have dedicated leaders in our community that have made it possible for us to have a facility and educational programs that are reinforced with technology and offer educational field trips for our students.

APA has consistently received high academic and financial ratings from the Texas Education Agency. Our community, committed educators, involved parents, and students are all active participants in this success rate. 

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Dr. Pat Williams


Charter First Status - Financial Rating 2015-2016

Rating 2015-2016

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Campus Improvement Plan


Community and Student Engagement

1st Choice Case: Community and Parental Involvement will be rated by:

  • Parent survey
  • Community Speakers
  • Artist Boat
  • Sea Camp
  • Galveston College

2nd Choice Case: Fine Arts will be rated on:

  • Music
  • Piano
  • Guitars
  • Chello
  • APA Choir
  • Community performances

3rd Choice Case: Digital Learning Environment

  • Tablets
  • Ticket to Read
  • VMath
  • Student use of Parent Portal to monitor grades



Family Engagement Plan

Family Engagement Plan to Achieve and Maintain High Levels of Family Involvement

Family to Family Support

In order to facilitate family-to-family support, Ambassadors Preparatory Academy currently implements the following strategies:

·       monetary donations from parents to support children who cannot pay for field trips,

·       clothing and food drives from parents for parents who have been through hardships,

·       fundraisers ran by parents to support other families and students

·       we also have a Parent Liaison as a contact for parents

Network of Community Resources

 In order to establish a network of community resources, Ambassadors Preparatory Academy currently implements the following strategies:

·       we are in contact with SMART Literacy’s Liz Turner,

·       Rosenberg Library’s Children’s Department via Karen Stanley,

·       Backpack Buddy Program,

·       Galveston’s Grand 1894 Opera House via Sarah Piel.

Family Participation Strategies

 In order to increase family participation in decision making, Ambassadors Preparatory Academy currently implements the following strategies:

·       we create and distribute parent surveys,

·       we have a Parent Committee,

·       regular PTO Meetings.

Extension of Learning

 In order to equip families with tools to enhance and extend learning, Ambassadors Preparatory Academy currently implements the following strategies:

·       Academic Nights

·       supply at-home reading logs

·       supply parent tips and tricks sent during the year

·       SchoolWay app for constant reminders and updates

·       Literacy Night through SMART Family Literacy

·       send home a Peek of the Week every week

·       web pages for every teacher

·       at-home projects students complete with families

·       request parents to assist with homework

Professional Development

 In order to provide ongoing professional development opportunities for educators on culturally responsive, evidence-based strategies that support the education of the child Ambassadors Preparatory Academy will use:

·       free, web-based trainings throughedweb.net 

·       trainings offered through Region 4

·       once a month, teachers and staff meet to review and discuss school-related topics

·       once a month, teachers and staff meet to plan as a grade-level.


In order to evaluate family engagement efforts and use evaluations for continuous improvement, Ambassadors Preparatory Academy currently implements the following strategies:

·       parent meeting logs kept to see how many parents attended

·       parent meeting agendas kept to distribute to those who could not attend

·       parent contact logs kept for each teacher.

·       We contact parents of those who we do not hear from and ask for one-on-one meetings, especially if there are concerns.

·       We have implemented incentives for parents to attend parent meetings (monetary, gift baskets, movie passes, etc.), and have record percentages of parent forms returned.

Special Education Policies 2016-2017

Link to all documents in Ambassadors Preparatory Academy's Special Education Policy 

APA Local Wellness Policy 2016

Local Wellness Policy 2016


2014-2015 Budget Summary


2013-2014 Ratings


2013-2014 School Report Card